A Storm of Swords - Review


Storm of SwordsGeorge R.R. Martin's third installment of the Song of Fire and Ice series raises the stakes as various heirs to the Kingdom of Westeros clash over the iron throne. The popular series, better known as The Game of Thrones, has raised to a fever pitch as HBO begins to air their gritty telling of Martins classic work. A Storm of Swords continues the story of a land torn by war as families position themselves for power through politics and war. The third book includes some of the greatest battle sequences of the series. It is full of action and intrigue as Martin boldly thins the ranks of main characters; nothing is sacred in the Song of Fire and Ice series. A Storm of Swords is written for a mature audience. Violence and language paint the landscape without distracting from the story. There is far less sex in this third book, but enough to be a distraction for those of us to don't appreciate Martin's attention to... detail. The complexity of the story is amazing and Martin's ability to create so many vivid characters is incredible. His capacity for a character development is outstanding. The book can feel a bit slow at times and exists in a state of constant tension; you never feel at ease reading any of the series.

I would not recommend reading this book. It is amazingly well done but it is not appropriate. I understand the double standard that many readers apply regarding violence and sex. I recommend murder as often as I recommend adultery. But I recommend reading adultery far less often as I recommend reading murder. Yes, the Bible is full of both of these subjects but Martin's work is far less edifying. There are many compelling stories that relate to leadership, faith, and personal transformation. You can get a lot out of A Storm of Swords but will deeply offend the morally inclined. 

Brent ColbyComment