An Song with 4.6 Million Notes


Bad Apple 2.1Listen to a song that is composed of 4.6 million notes in 3 minutes and 41 seconds. It is a crazy arrangement that is as mathematical as it is melodic. What do you think? Can you hear the music? It is a product of the Impossible Music Factory where the author works to, "make ridiculously impossible piano MIDIs and then kill my computer with those midis."

ridiculously impossible

Ridiculous is a great word to describe this style of music. I find the desire to test the limits of music interesting. This is what a style of art looks like when pushed to an extreme limit. Can you think of any other examples of this type of artistic application where a complete overload brings about a new genre? In an age where simplicity rules this is a great example of complexity as king.

Brent ColbyComment