Babies and Writing Don't Mix


OwneBabies and writing don't mix. I love babies-no that's not true-I love my babies. And I love writing. But the two haven't been getting along lately. In October we welcomed little Owen Robert Colby into the family and he is a total stud. He has also single handedly derailed by efforts here at Weekly book review? Toast. Thoughts about leadership and culture? Notachance. But one thing has been great: I have been blessed with an amazing family.

Im going to wrestle with my kids and do the dishes.

Its easy to get frustrated at things that come between you and your goals. For the overachievers among us, it is easy to lose sight of which things are most important. So I have decided not to sweat it. Ill catch up with my backlog of reviews, blog ideas, and Politzer sized aspirations. In the mean time, I am going to wrestle with my kids and do the dishes. That is most important right now.

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