Basic Types of Pastoral Care and Counseling - Review


Howard Clinebell has created a guide to counseling for those in ministry. His book, titled Basic Types of Pastoral Care and Counseling, surveys nine general styles and contexts for the soul care of others. These specific instances of counseling are prefaced with an in depth discussion on the purpose and process of counseling in the context of ministry. The purpose of this book is to help ministers facilitate the healing and growth of their partitioners. Each chapter is well documented and is filled with real life examples. The practical chapters that describe the different styles of pastoral care and counseling are followed by case studies to illustrait the points made in the practical sections of this book. Each chapter is well sourced and Clinebell goes out of his way to reference useful texts for further reading.

I would recommend this book for those deeply interested in pastoral care and counseling. It is not a fun read nor is it very compelling. The book felt dry and a bit dated. The principles that Clinebell presents are a practical introduction to subjects that deserve a more in depth look. Howard goes out of his way to make it clear to his readers that counseling is serious business. Pastors should not be afraid to offer soul care to their partitioners but they should also be able to identify those who require professional help.

Brent ColbyComment