Branding with Pantone

Gbox-Studios-Branding-by-Bratus 7 An arts and culture site recently featured a branding campaign for Gbox Studios. Bratus, the company running the campaign, did an excellent job creating a memorable and recognizable series of images to help the studio. They latched on to several key ideas including the use of a Pantone color scheme. It is amazing to see how versatile s single shade of color can be when communicating as series of layers and depths.

Deep and simple do not conflict.

It reminds me that depth and simplicity are not contradictory. Some of the most thoughtful and rewarding concepts are incredibly simple. It challenges me to use fewer words, host shorter meetings, and appreciate simple things. I realize that Bratus may not have been seeking to convey any of these meanings, but I suppose that they share an appreciation for doing more with less.

Brent ColbyComment