Children's Ministry in the 21st Century - Review


Children's Ministry in the 21st CenturyGroup Publishing has compiled a book of thoughtful insight into the world of Children's Ministry. Their encyclopedia of practical ideas draws from ten different experts in the area of ministry to kids. Craig Jutila, Jim Wideman, and Pat Verbal lead the charge describing Children's Ministry in the 21st Century The book is topical and moves between ideas quickly. Each idea is written about in essay form followed up by an evaluation or application tool called Try This. It is an extremely practical way to evaluate contemporary methods and concepts surrounding ministry to children. The editors did a great job designing the book and formatting it to read consistently. Each chapter is given the liberty to bring out one big idea idea quickly and powerfully before moving on to other things. The structure is compelling and does a great job to highlight many ideas in a short amount of time.

An extremely practical way to evaluate children's ministry today.

I would recommend reading this book. It is a fast, easy, and insightful read. The authors and editors did well to form a single body from many different parts. The book does lack depth but this is a product of design more than failure of execution. If you are beginning to read around the area of modern children's ministry then this is a great place to start. One, if not all, of the chapters is sure to inspire your approach towards children's ministry and have a great impact on the way you minister to the kids in your own church.

Brent ColbyComment