Christian Formation - Review


The book titled Christian Formation is a modern look at the intersection between theology and human development. James R. Estep and Johnathan H. Kim stand of the shoulders Piaget, Fowler, and Kohlberg to describe the process by which people become more like Christ. They aim to host a deep and wide discussion around the topic of Christian formation.

Their work is organized around the development of intellectual  personality, moral, faith, adult, spiritual and cultural formation. They overlay these elements with the constant variable of Christian formation. The result is a comprehensive description of spiritual formation with a balanced representation of original and other literary perspectives.

I would recommend reading this book. Estep and Kim have done a great job at clarifying the complex study of spiritual formation. Their work is accessible and useful in a variety of settings. This book is appropriate for those looking to take a deeper look at this fascinating topic, or for those who are hoping to lay an academic foundation on the subject. Grab a copy and take a look for yourself!

Brent Colby1 Comment