Comfort in clutter?

a cluttered mind Have we allowed ourselves to grow spiritually or do we sabotage our own growth with a busy schedule? Do we ever allow ourselves to think clearly or do we take comfort in a messy mind? I am reading a book that discusses how we let our lives becomes cluttered so that we do not have to look at our true selves.[1] I am the keeper of my own schedule and so are you. Why don’t we create more time to develop spirituality? Are we afraid of what we might find if we look too closely? Honest reflection can be a disturbing thing but it always reminds me of my need of Christ. I am constantly reminded of my dependency on Christ but rarely allow myself to become desperate for Him.


[1] Roger Heuser and Norman Shawchuck, Leading the Congregation, (London: Sage Publications, 2006). p.34.

Brent ColbyComment