Culture Shift - Review


You can always count on change; it is a natural part of life.  Some of us look forward to change while others resist anything new. We find ourselves in a world that is moving more quickly than ever. Each generation is being forced to answer questions that have never been asked before. R. Albert Mohler Jr. writes about these changes in his book titled Culture Shift.  He steps on a series of cultural landmines in order to frame the Christian battle for the moral heart of America. The book is a collection of short essays on hot topics like abortion, legislative morality, and Islam. The chapters are easy to read and are based off of primary and secondary sources of information. Mohler’s selection of essays is mostly random. The discussions surrounding Morality and Public Law and Abortion receive special attention. The overall feel of the book is that of dissociated Christian perspectives on cultural issues.

I would not recommend reading this book. Mohler offers few insights into the culture shift that America is experiencing. He has a firm grasp of these controversial topics but does little more than offer a surface level summary of events.  It would be helpful for Mohler to expand his ideas surrounding cultural change. Some topics received very little in the way of insight from the author. A unifying response to this culture shift could have tied the essays together in a way that would help frame the greater discussion.

Brent ColbyComment