Die Empty - Review


Die EmptyWe are a creative people. Every day we wake up with opportunities to express ourselves. Many of us share who we are through hobbies, and recreation. Others leave an imprint of themselves through their vocation. Todd Henry's helps readers discover essential qualities of self expression and discovery in his book Die Empty The quantifiable expression of self, according to Henry, is work: our ability to produce ideas and things. He prescribes a handful of disciplines that frame the work of an empty person. He argues that each of us should find ways to employ ourselves with fulfilling work that stretches, intrigues, and help shape our identity.  The book opens with a polar view of the fulfilled self and contrasts getting by with dying empty. The ideas are easy to grasp and inspirational. Henry keeps his discussion at a surface level and refrains from digressing to the ideas behind the ideas about creativity, identity, and work.

Good collection of ideas, nothing really unique.

I would not recommend reading this book. If you haven't ever read a book about creativity or self discovery than this might be a good place to start. But more mature leaders and readers will find this book disappointing. Where Henry succeeds to compile an inspirational list of ideas he fails to present anything really unique or interesting. The conversation surrounding innovation and self-fulfillment is a loud one and Todd Henry's contribution here fails to say something unique.

Brent ColbyComment