Does Your Pastor Need an iPad?

What role does technology play in the Church? Should your leadership team be concerned with owning the latest and greatest? Apple will be announcing its most recent version of tablet gadgetry this week. What is so special about the third iPad? It is rumored to be slimmer, faster, lighter, cheaper and look way different than last years model. Prepare yourself to be inundated with news surrounding the most valuable company in the world. We know that the media is preparing to host a circus, but is it that important? 

The Church has traditionally been at the center of creativity and innovation. From art to exploration, men and women have ventured out to make God famous. Not everyone's motives have been pure. There are many examples of the Mission of God being hijacked. Don't let these abuses cause you to overlook the traditional relationship between technology and the church.

Johannes Gutenberg came up with a neat little machine that helped spread the Protestant Reformation. Around 1439 Gutenberg created the movable type printing press. This allowed for books to be printed in mass. For the first time German Bibles could be made and distributed in large quantities. Missionaries in the early twentieth century built radio towers to broadcast the story of Jesus Christ to hundreds of thousands of listeners in Central and South America. More recently, we have seen an explosion of education opportunities online. Men and women have access to top level training anywhere in the world and are being equipped to serve in the local church.

So what about the rumored iPad 3? Where do we find a balance between want/need technology? We should adopt technology that helps us share about Jesus. Keep in mind that we cant go broke keeping up with Apple's annual production cycle. At the same time we cannot afford to fall behind in communication technology. Get your hands on the tools that will make a connection between your audience and the gospel. I don't care if it is an Xbox, iPad or overhead projector.

Remember that Peter did fine without an iPad. So did Luther. But the development of Roman roads and the printing press did a lot to get the word out.

Brent ColbyComment