Doing One Thing Well in Every Possible Way

There has been a recent plea for the church to become more simple. This may be a response to the complex and busy systems of popular Evangelicalism. I believe that the church that focuses on one simple purpose results in many ministries carried out by individuals in their own special way. This is what I call doing one thing well in every way possible. Many of us grew up in a time where more church was better church. It is difficult for us to see how simplicity is better. No one would argue for less church, would they? As a leader in a local church I feel the tension between less and more programming. Some families count on church activities to help structure their lives and provide a framework for community, discipleship and evangelism. Other people are protective of their family schedule and feel that too much church can rob them of the relationships they seek outside of the perish. One group may say what good are we if we don't go to church? While the other groups says what good are we if we are always in church? Both sides have a valid argument.

I agree that the church must become more simple. It must focus on doing one thing well. I also think that the church should be willing to exhaust every means necessary to accomplish its goal. The purpose of the church is clear. We don't have to make it up because Jesus gave it to us. We are to go and reproduce followers of Jesus who know his teaching, are baptized in his name and remember his death and resurrection. In these things the church must become more simple. The life that flows out of these things becomes an extension of the church into the world. And it may do so in a very complicated way.

Do not fall into lazy thinking where less church is good enough. Everything you do must fall into a more narrow focus. When you enter into that focus, the mission of the church, a new world opens up! Fresh opportunities and areas of influence become within reach of the church... the people of the church! Programs begin to fade away as church members begin to own their faith and reach out on their own. We begin to do one thing well in every way possible through every member of the church.

There is a good chance that your church is trying to become a more simple church. Are you becoming simple in purpose or just simple in programming?


Brent ColbyComment