Emergency Tiara


I was reading the front page of the internet this week and came across an interesting photograph. Someone snapped a picture while working in a mental health facility and captured an image of a wall mounted, "Emergency Tiara." It is funny to imagine the circumstances surrounding a regular need for a tiara. When you think about this need for a crown becoming an emergency it gets even funnier. But then I started thinking about the situation. Who needs an emergency crown? Who suffers the crysis for immediate recognition? Suddenly I realized that I often call for my Emergency Tiara. It pains me to admit it: I often cry out for an emergency tiara. If you are honest with yourself then you might make the same confession. We often live or die by the recognition we do or dont receive. You must see the value in your work with or without the recognition of others. Stay humble and know that your work is and expression of your character.

Flip the coin and realize that you can help people by recognizing their work... but not too much. You dont want to create any false princesses at your work place. You also do not want to create an atmosphere where people starve for recognition. Either extreme is unhealthy. Find a balance in your workplace and recognize people for doing good work. People need to know that you approve of their work even if it they are fulfilling the simple requirements of a job description.

Brent ColbyComment