Ender's Game - Review


Earth has been saved from the brutal attack of an alien race. The genius of Mazer Rackham suddenly and mysteriously repelled the invading armies of buggers. More than seventy years have passed and the countries of earth are preparing for the third invasion. National alliances hang in the balance as fleets of ships are built and deployed across space. Andrew Wiggin is just a boy but possesses an advanced intellect and a gift for strategic warfare. His friends call him Ender but the military strategists call him the last hope for humanity. Throughout this imaginative and informed work of science fiction, Orson Scott Card tells the take of Andrew Eneder Wiggin. The first iteration of Ender's Game was published in the mid seventies while the first hard cover novel debuted in 1986. Over twenty years have passed and Card's future universe still stands the test of time. I was surprised at the depth of characters, the creativity of the universe and the fluid story telling.

I would recommend that any science fiction fans read this book. It is a classic work that speaks to today's audience as loudly as it did back int he 80's. I chose to listen to the audio version of this book and it was performed extremely well. Card suggests that his book is best read aloud and the work put into the twentieth anniversary audio edition proves him right. Ender's Game has quickly become one of my all time favorite works of science fiction.

Brent Colby3 Comments