Fame and Failure: Your Relationship with Christ


God gests the glory and we get the blame. Those of us who follow Jesus have entered into a strange relationship. We have chosen a leader who is perfect and he has asked us to do some remarkable work. Jesus started a movement many years ago and has entrusted its future into our hands. We are told to go and raise up additional followers. We are told to be perfect and to be a part of greater things. But we mess up. We stumble and fall and disgrace the name of the one who sent us. When something is done right we realize that it was not because of us: it was all Jesus. He gets all the glory. And so we are left with the struggle. Is this the right attitude to have? Does our Christian world consist of struggle and failure? Know that your calling is not to become famous. You were not destined to stand in the spotlight or to be known for the good works. Our calling is to love selflessly. There is no greater measure of our success than our ability to love others. We have not been called to build mega churches or schools. We have been called to love.

Measure your success and failure but dont measure it with the standards of others; compare it to love and be encouraged. We were not built for fame; this is the design of Christ. Ours is to love. Trade in your failure to affection and help continue the movement that Jesus started many years ago.

Brent ColbyComment