Getting Things Done - Review


David Allen has created a formula for Getting Things Done. Simply named, his most famous work of productivity has impacted hundreds of thousands of professionals. You may have heard people refer to the GTD method in your own office. His systems surrounding the collection, organization and execution of tasks is an extremely helpful guide for anyone wanting to increase the quality and quantity of their work. The book is written with an emphasis on the technical aspects of getting things done. He describes a series of steps and lists by which people can get themselves organized. Parts of the book feel less than motivational because of their practical and literal description. Getting Things Done is written as a sort of technical productivity guide book. Reading it should compel you to get off of your butt and get organized!

I would recommend reading this book. Not because it is a great work of literature, but because it has had a measurable positive effect on my life. Following some of Allen's principles regarding the organization and prioritization of tasks has changed my work. This is my second reading of Getting Things Done and I got a lot out of it. I was reminded of some simple practices that would help me depend on my systems instead of my memory!  If you are organizationally challenged you must read this book. Follow David's rules and within a few months you will be doing better work with less stress.

Brent ColbyComment