God's Smuggler - Review


God's SmugglerAndrew van der Bijl grew up in the Netherlands before the outbreak of World War II. His experiences during German occupation shaped his views of compassion and fueled his appetite for adventure. He would enroll in the military and live a wild life on the front lines of the Dutch East Indies. His violent experiences fighting in Indonesia shook him deeply and drove him towards a deeper truth. His life was transformed by the Bible and he developed a commitment to tell others about the good news of Jesus. Visits behind the Iron Curtain revealed a great opportunity to share the message of Christ with thousands of others. He discovered that Bibles were a precious commodity in the state-controlled world and he took it upon himself to become a first class importer of Bibles to the communist block. God's Smuggler describe a world where Brother Andrew became synonymous with the underground Christian movement in communist countries and the impact of his ministry has been felt for generations.

Brother Andrew paints a honest picture of his life and calling to become a missionary. The story moves chronologically from childhood to adulthood and describes the many ways that God moved in a variety of communist countries. The reader discovers the challenges faced by the underground churches through the eyes of Brother Andrew. Each lesson, each breakthrough, and each stumbling block is discussed candidly and colorfully.

I would highly recommend reading this book. It provides an insight into an era of Christian mission that many people know little about. The humility and boldness of Brother Andrew is inspiring for Jesus followers. It provides Christians with a perspective of their faith, and freedom of faith, that is both compelling and convicting. I was inspired by this book and hope that you take the time to read it.

Brent ColbyComment