Growing Disciples Organically - Review


Growing Disciples OrganicallyBecoming a Christian is the first step of a very long journey: a life dedicated to Christ is always under way. The Church has invested a lot of energy into answering the question: how do individuals become more like Jesus? A variety of methods have been employed to increase ones Bible reading, prayer, and worship. Some strategies are ancient, many are new, but one proposes a more natural method of spiritual formation. Dr. Don Detrick's book, Growing Disciples Organically, describes a method of discipleship that speaks to faith, life, and community in a unique way. You can describe Detrick's model as an un-model. Instead of creating a series of lists and liturgies he chooses to focus on the best environments for natural growth. Believing that current models of Christian formation are not producing the results we desire, Don pushes back on a strict linear notion of discipleship. Understanding the nature of faith, life, and community can help a believer grow in a way that reflects an objective truth for diverse people. Detrick draws an extended analogy of his childhood on the family farm. It is here that the reader experiences a series of organic examples pointing toward Jesus' model of natural growth.

Detrick creates an un-model of discipleship.

I would recommend reading this book. If you are looking for a strict plan for discipleship then this is not for you; the author is careful to preclude a synthetic formula for spiritual growth. If, however, you are interested in exploring the character of Christ from the ground up the be sure to check it out.

I have the privilege of working with Don and have seen the fruit of his philosophy first hand. It would be impossible know him and not form a bias of respect. The book is good and it is only made better by watching the author live out his own authentic faith.

Brent Colby1 Comment