Into the Black - Review


into-the-blackCaptain Eric Weston is captain of the world's fines exploration vessel. With technology capable of traveling faster than light, The Odyssey is about to embark on histories most extensive mapping of the universe. Weston and his crew expect to make great discoveries for their home world and are prepared with every type of scientific tool. But their first jump, or transition, lands them in the middle of an alien conflict. The Odyssey's maiden voyage is engulfed in war and must fight for its own survival.

The Odyssey's maiden voyage is engulfed in war.

Into the Black is a work of science fiction that is complimented by a constant flow of action and adventure. The crew of the Odyssey are almost immediately cast into warfare and entertain a series of technological asides throughout the book. The writing style is easy to read and is more story driven than character driven. The author, Evan Currie, invests into several characters but seems to be writing towards a series and less towards a single book.

I would not recommend reading this book. It is fun but simple. The characters are flat and the story is predictable. This is not to say that the story isn't interesting. If you are looking for a traditional space warfare book where the earthlings ward off alien insects then go for it. But if you are looking for something a little more nuanced then look elsewhere.

Brent ColbyComment