Is Going Without a Good Way to Go?

We recognize men and women who choose to go without. It is honorable to abstain from certain privileges for the sake of others. I know a guy who went months without shoes to bring awareness to the thousands of children who live barefoot. That is right, barefoot Josh lived a professional life for weeks upon weeks collecting and donating shoes for kids! We live in a world that glorifies consumerism so it is natural that we see unselfishness as a great virtue. Christ shows us what the life of a suffering servant looks like. We are told to imitate him and to live a life of love (Ephesians 5:2). How do we choose which things to go without in order to imitate God's love? The question should not be based on our abstinence. The question should be based on the love of Christ. What can I do to express Jesus' love in a greater way? The answer to this question will help you determine which things should put aside. Fasting, donating or serving for our own sake will not proclaim the name of Jesus as loud as it might proclaim our own names. It is not good to walk around barefoot. It is good, however, to walk around barefoot in order to share God's love with other people around the world.

Brent ColbyComment