Is There a Plan for Your Plans?


Stack of PlansLeaders understand the significance of a game plan. Each endeavor requires a clear purpose and path toward success. With microscopic scrutiny we guarantee the integrity of our vision and values as the job gets done. And at the end of the day we rest assured that our task has been completed with competence. But consider this: the value of your plan over time depends on its relationship to other plans.

Do your plans have a plan?

Our scrupulous work can develop in us a near nearsightedness. Short lived is the leader who is prohibited from stepping back and observing his work as a whole. A painter who lives an inch from her canvas has the ability to paint in detail, but may reflect the proportions of Pablo Picasso and never Leonardo da Vinci. Therefore it is important for us to recognize that our well laid plans deserve a strategy of their own.

How can the sum of your work move toward a symbiotic goal? See each project as a step toward some greater purpose, as a cog in your scheme. It is possible that our leadership can be excellent in the moment but meaningless over time. Determine why you work and break down the accumulative goal of your labor.

Brent Colby1 Comment