Kill Decision - Review


The landscape of modern warfare has been changed forever. Aerial drones have taken to the sky in as world powers contend for technological domination. Human control over these powerful weapons had always been standard procedure; but operator error became avoidable as drone programing become more advanced. Split second decisions and massive information computations have ushered in a new era of self controlled drones. These automatic operators are programed to get the job done without the distracting processes of human emotion. They are the perfect harpengengers of war; accomplishing their tasks quickly and efficiently. Linda McKinney may have seemed like the most unlikely target. As a student of ant colonies it was unthinkable that she could ever get caught up in any sort of international plot. Her knowledge of swarm tactics have positioned her in a unique position to fight against this new threat. Kill Decision is Daniel Suarez's next installment of high tech action and espionage. The explosions are big, the action is fast and the characters are shallow. It is a perfect read for those wanting to relax their brain and excite their imagination. The story moves quickly through region to region and across time.  The gaps between chapters are occupied by continents and, occasionally, months of time. The story feels episodic and lacks a coherent timeline. The ideas in Kill Decision are the same of those in Daemon. The primary difference between these two tales is that Suarez's latter attempt is a bit less juvenile and gratuitous in nature. It is a fun read but don't expect anything other than a few cheap thrills.

I would not recommend reading this book. You may very well enjoy it but I doubt that you would recommend it to your friends either. It is immature, simple and disconnected. The plot is paper thin and the action is something Michael Bay could pass on. Take a read if you dare but don't say that I didn't warn you.

Brent ColbyComment