Leading on Empty - Review


leading_on_emptyLeading on Empty describes the struggle that pastors face as they lead the local church. Wayne Cordeiro shares from a very personal place and describes the process by which a pastor, or leader, can become drained by their work. He provides a series of warning signs and remedies to encourage those who lead through the doldrums, and storms, of church ministry. Cordeiro writes this book from personal experience and shares a very real story about his own leadership battles. It is relational, practical, and insightful. I felt challenged and convicted from cover to cover and related to Wayne's struggles in a compelling way.

I would highly recommend reading this book. Anyone in leadership would benefit from Cordeiro's perspective and those in a ministry position must read Wayne's story. This is not an emergency handbook for those in trouble; it is a guide to help leaders serve in a healthy, balanced, and effective way.

Brent Colby1 Comment