Lego Batman and Character Connection

"Introducing the worst villains in the universe." - The Joker

"Introducing the worst villains in the universe." - The Joker

Some movies make you laugh by laughing at themselves. Take the most recent Lego Batman trailer. The characters are acutely aware of the genre, franchise, and medium of the film. It makes for a hilariously self-aware trailer. The directors have expertly removed barriers between the characters of the film and the audience which makes for a much more personal viewing experience. Other shows like Deadpool, The Office, and Modern Family do the same thing. They allow the characters to speak directly to the audience and make a more instant

Spend more time being you.

We can make the same type of connections with our audiences by becoming more self aware. A little self-deprecation goes a long way. Don't feel like you need to be so professional all of the time. Spend more time being you. People will like you way more than they will ever like your content or idea. They follow you, are interested in you, and invest into you. We often get the relationship between content and leadership backwards. Yes, people are drawn to a great idea or plan. But they are genetically designed to be drawn to people. Be a real person and draw an audience. Let your guard down a bit and become more relatable to everyone in the room. If Batman can do it, so can you.

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