Living the Default Life


Are you living the default life? Think about your path so far: how you ended up where you are today. Did you get here by hard work and intensive planing? Or did you simply happen into your current position. Many of us end up wherever the tides of life take us. We resist little and respond to less. We are endowed with talents that are never exercised. God opens doors that we never walk through because they are too far away or lead to the unknown. We remain comfortable by putting the least amount of effort forward and by avoiding conflict. This is the default life: not inspiring or notable; it is punitively average. Some of us believe that we have put off the development of self. You believe that you will start becoming the person you want to be tomorrow. The truth is that your charactor is in constant development. You are becoming something right now. Look around you: this is you.

There is another way. It requires a lot of work and constant discipline. Paul lived another way. He told Christians in Corinth that he had to beat his body and make it a slave in order to avoid the default life. He had determined to share the good news about Jesus and became the ultimate herald of Christ. He paid any price to share the gospel and changed he world in the process. He grasped every opportunity, exercised every gift and made every effort. Do not be content to follow the established patterns of rudderless men and women. 

Brent ColbyComment