Measures of Absolution - Review


Measures of AbsolutionMarko Kloos is an independent author who has written other works including Terms of Enlistment and Lines of Departure. He casts a futuristic vision of the  world where characters struggle agains forces both internally and externally, at home and abroad. Measures of Absolution tells the story of Corporal Jackson faces the very real consequences of martial law. The fruit of her military service begins to look differently through the lens of the poor and desperate people of earth. She sets out on a journey of forgiveness amid the rubble of broken cities and shattered lives. Kloos is a fun author with a growing catalogue of work. His style is matter of fact and action oriented. His ability to write clearly is balanced with his ability to develop charters of real substance. Measures of Absolution is a book written in the context of epic futuristic warfare but the story focuses clearly on the people and places of the day.

The story focuses clearly on the people and places of the day.

I would recommend reading this book. It is interesting, the characters are compelling, and the science fiction world of Kloos feels creative and real. This is a novella which means that it clocks in at 63 pages but don't let this deter you. Kloos is getting the reps in to master his craft as an author and his work is well worth your time.

Brent ColbyComment