Missing Style Points


This car represents an age where form trumped function in automotive design. Just look at the pronounced hood and fluid lines. Every inch is dripping with character and class. Many modern cars look great but there is an essence of elegance that seems to have gone missing from contemporary design. One thing is for sure: this car has class. I drive a Hyundai. It is not a classy car. It has been stolen a few times and entier pieces of the dash can be removed at will. The windows are manual and the knobs continually fall off. The check engine light has been on for a few years and every mechanic tells me that the car is just fine; but I am certain that it will explode any time. You can hear me coming from a block away. My car does not have class.

There is one advantage that the Hyundai has over this classic beauty is economy. My car gets over thirty miles to the gallon and is extremely easy to maintains. My car can be parked anywhere and is paid off. I have chosen efficiency over style but I'm not always sure that it is worth it.

What are you choosing when you make economy more important than style? You are choosing efficiency, productivity, and sensibility. But what do we give up when we relegate style points? There is a sense of honor, dignity and character that comes with style. Sometimes I wonder if modern leadership is missing a few style points. I am not talking about pretentious falsities; I am talking about the sincere behavior of a gentalman or woman.

I know people with personal style points. They dont dress fancy or own expensive things. Their sense of style is embodied in personal character and integrity. They go above and beyond to care about people and their specific needs. They pay attention to details and are intentional about everything they say and do. They shake hands, remember names, and speak life to people. They are respected and they give respect. They realize that doing their job, and living their life, is more than being efficient. I want to live like these people. They leave their mark on people, organizations and cultures. These people understand that there is a time for economy and a time for style; they have found a balance between the two.

There are virtuous behaviors that each of us need to pay more attention too. What style points are you missing?


Brent Colby2 Comments