Mobile Updates for 2010-03-08

  • No one is sleeping. Bria is getting some help from the doc to catch some Z's. Hopefully this works! #
  • Got some rest. No major contractions to speak of. The next step of inducing labor begins in a few hours. #
  • Everything is progressing naturally for Bria. She has begun labor without medicine as of a few hours ago. Keep praying! So far so good. #
  • Epidural FTW! Contractions are good, mommy is well, we are getting closer. #
  • No new news. Bria is still getting closer. Things look great. Our little one should be here this evening. #
  • Bria was at 9 for her last exam! We are getting close. (If you don't know what "9" means ask your wife.) #
  • No new movement. Pray for contractions. Bria is well. The family is mostly here... we are just missing a baby! #
  • Pray for us! We are beginning to push!!! #
  • We have a baby girl! 7.59pm, 6lb 6oz, 19.1in, full head of brown curly hair! #
  • Everyone meet Adelé Claire Colby! Hello world! #
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