Moon Wreck: First Contact - Review


Moon-Wreck-First-ContactMoon Wreck: First Contact tells the story of two moon explorers who discover an alien crash site on the surface of the moon. Hundreds of years of dust and dirt have kept this world changing discovery hidden over the years and the astronauts embark on a mission to discover its secrets. This is the first of three works by Raymond L. Weil's first of three stories under the Moon Wreck series. The story is short and simple and written to test the interest of Weil's potential readers. The characters fail to develop while the plot line is furthered line by line. This is a story driven narrative in its purest form and the most charming quality of the book. Weil writes with a level of self-awareness that doesn't make First Contact something that it is not meant to be. He knows what a short story is and is not and has garnished the praise of online reviews in response. This type of publication has gained in popularity with the advent of online-self-publishing and the publishing of digital texts.

I would not recommend reading this book. There is nothing bad about it, but in the same way, there is nothing good. The story is simple and common. The twists lack character and the characters are flat. I will read part two of the series to see if Raymond cant up the ante in time before I fold.

Brent ColbyComment