Moon Wreck: Revelations - Review


Moon Wreck RevelationsMoon Wreck: Revelations is the second part of Raymond L. Weil's lunar trilogy. As a prologue to later works, the Moon Wreck series tells the story of American astronauts who make a world changing discovery on the moon. Their exploration of an ancient spacecraft reveals disturbing insights into the nature of the universe. Weil's flat writing style moves quickly through an compelling plot. The story is interesting and the author does well to reveal bits and pieces in a way that holds the reader. Not enough attention, however, is given to the characters who live in this world. It is hard to care for people you don't know and more difficult to invest into relationships that don't exist.

I would not recommend reading Revelations. This is the second of three books and I do not plan to read the third. I would be interested in reading some of Weil's later books and see great potential in this story teller of the digital age.

Brent Colby1 Comment