Not Overcome


Julian of NorwichConsider these words from Lady Julian of Norwich. Her thoughts about Christ date back to the fourteenth century and survive as one of the oldest texts written by a woman in English. We relate to her for because of her apparent trials and because she kept company with a cat. Yes, one of the forerunners of women in ministry was also a cat lady. Today we can take  encouragement from her shared suffering and hope. She is a uniquely transparent voice from the past that offers these words of encouragement today: "And these words: You will not be overcome, were said very insistently and strongly, for certainty and strength against every tribulation which may come. God did not say: you will not be assailed, you will not be belabored, you will not be disquieted, but God said: you will not be overcome.

You will not be overcome.

God wants us to pay attention to his words, and always be strong in our certainty, in well-being and in woe, for God loves us and delights in us."

-Julian of Norwich, Showings

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