Not Seeing Stars


What do you see at night when you look into the sky? If you live where I live (Seattle) you may see very little. You most likely observe grey clouds streaking across the moon. On a clear night you can see starts but the lights from cities limit these celestial spotlights. The thing that struck about this picture is that the stars are always there. The same amount of stars exist in the city as they do in the New Mexico desert. 

My perspective often prohibits me from seeing all that is there. When dealing with people, programs or ideas I must remind myself that its not easy to see every angle from where I sit. There is always more to see. Where we stand determines what we see. This limitation is a problem when we are unaware of its effects. Knowing that you don't know everything is a big part of wisdom. So let me leave you with two questions:

1. Where do you stand?

2. What don't you see?

Answer these questions and know that your perspective will increase.

Brent ColbyComment