One Book Changes Everything


We handed out Bibles for the kids to read on Sunday morning. Each child flipped through the pages to find our passage. Some were quicker than others and the older kids helped the younger kids land on the right page. One girl had a Bible to herself and held on to it tightly. The groups returned their Bibles to the front with exception to this one older girl. She was fascinated by the book that laid on her lap. When the service was over she brought it to me with two hands. "Can I have it?" she asked. I told her that we needed these Bibles for our groups and asked, "don't you have a Bible at home?" She told me that she had never owned a Bible before. I looked at her questionably. Who doesn't have a Bible, I thought. We sent this fifth grade girl home with her first Bible that day. She was thrilled to hear the news that this Bible would be hers. She wrapped both arms around it in a giant hug as she went back to play with the rest of the kids. Except she didn't go to the video games or crafts. She returned to her seat and started flipping through the pages. It has always been my prayer that the word of God would be alive in our gatherings. This young girl reminded me of the power of the Bible and its ability to fill our kids with hope and with joy. We are committed to getting our kids into the Bible and the Bible into our kids. We will read it as God's story. A story that each of us are a part of. It is alive and read and understanding it changes everything. Some Sundays I learn far more than I could ever teach.

Brent ColbyComment