Origins (Spinward Fringe) - Review


Origins, Spinward FringeThe Freeground station serves as a major trading hub in the outward regions of space. Based on the principles of independence and self determination, Freeground is a novelty throughout the galaxy. Corporate and governmental powers attempt control the trading of goods and services so far as their powers reach. Origins (Spinward Fringe) tells the story of Freeground resident Jonas Valent. His team of weakened warriors developed a reputation for excellence on the virtual battlefield.  Military experts have been baffled by their unorthodox tactics and unparalleled success. It turns out that Valent and his crew are exactly what Freeground need: a secret weapon. Origins is part of the Spinward Fringe series by Randolph Lalonde. The Fringe universe plays host to a series of science fiction stories written by the author. Other works feature the Freeground station as well as the protagonist Jonas Valent. The book does well to stand on its own merit so dont worry about reading any of the other works first. Inside you will find nearly 375 pages of classic science fiction. The pace of the book is a bit slow and many of the action scenes feel a bit forced.

I would not recommend reading this book. Despite the vastness of the Spinward Frigne world and plot, the characters remained perilously flat. Every conversation and action taken by the heros and villains were predictable.  Nothing and no one fundamentally changed throughout the entire story. It is true to the genre of sci-fi and excludes the use of aliens or magical powers. For this I was grateful. Lalonde applied some great creativity describing the science of the future which was a highlight of the book. But the characters let the story down. Origins is a safe choice for science fiction but will let you down if you are looking for a good story. 

Brent ColbyComment