Poor Man's Flight - Review


Poor Man's Fight Tanner Malone finds himself out of options in this futuristic thriller from Elliott Kay. Poor Man's Fight follows Malone as he signs up to serve in the military after his poor performance at his exit exams. His poor score puts Tanner in position to repay the state for his primary education; it is a debt he cannot pay. Serving with the navy is Malone's only way out of debt. An otherwise miserable term of service is disrupted when a local band of pirates call's Malone and his crew into action. He will fight against great odds amid a complex web of politics, economics, and brothers in arms.

Elliott self published this work on Amazon and has received great feedback from the digital book community. His work is worthy of praise and upholds the standards of classic space marine science fiction. There is action, intrigue, and a compelling world for the protagonist to adventure through. The primary character, Tanner Malone, is relate-able if not a bit too righteous. The other characters in the story lack the same type of depth or complexity but the overall narrative carries their personas regardless.

Poor Man's Flight deserves the good reviews on Amazon.

I would recommend reading this book. It is fun, interesting, and doesn't overreach. The action sequences are well done and I found myself really cheering for Tanner throughout the book. The action is back-loaded and parts of the middle seemed to sag. Elliott could have done better to give the middle of the book a reason to exist. Overall I liked the story and would read more of Kay's work again. Self publishing the text online gives Kay the ability to sell the work at a modest price so feel free to check it out yourself!

Brent ColbyComment