Purple Cow - Review


Purple CowA purple cow is something behold and Seth Godin describes the criteria that separate very good ideas from remarkable ones. Godin's take on successful ventures depends on the excellence with which ideas and products are made. Purple Cow descries the new realities of marketing and design and how to capture the public imagination with your product. This is a short book full of insight. The illustrations surrounding his ideas on marketing and design are adequate but not exceptional. Godin's work was originally published in 2002 and some of the images he uses feel dated. However, the wisdom of the text remains full preserved and relevant to the reader today. The book ends on an inspirational note that summarizes the whole of the text.

I would not recommend reading this book. The ideas captured in Purple Cow may be more clearly communicated in a detailed summary. The ideas are well worth your time and someone committed to discovering trends in marketing may find Godin's work well worth your time.

Brent ColbyComment