Resolution: No Quick Fix

No Quick Fixes in 2011 This is the time of year where people envision ways to better themselves. My pastor has created a Spiritual Health Self-Assessment Tool for the purpose of cultivating a healthy self. This is a great way to make a quick evaluation of your own life. Check it out.  You could also Google "New Year Resolutions" and come up with thousands of results. It is important to set goals and measure our progress. How do we respond when things get difficult? When our goals seem unobtainable? When the effort required to succede seems to far outweigh the prize? We take the easy way out.

We cannot take the path of least resistance. Edwin H. Friedman wrote a book called A Failure of Nerve. In it he describes a series of characteristics that describe a society in regression. My favorite is number four, "A quick-fix mentality: a low threshold for pain that constantly seeks symptom relief rather than fundamental change (p.54)." Ask yourself this question: are my resolutions just a quick fix for a greater issue? Are you afraid of facing some pain?

We all know the axiom: no pain no gain. Is it true? Think back on some of the most important things that have happened to you. How much did they cost you? Make sure that you are not settling for a patch up job when you set goals. You are the owner of your success and failure. Make sure that you aim high and work hard and get stuff done.

Brent ColbyComment