Say it in Nine Words or Less


image property of Braddley Miller theorized in the 1950's that the average adult could retain an average of five to nine pieces of information via short term memory. Each piece of information, or chunk, could be made up of a number, word or image. His claims have been hotly debated over the years but they bring up an interesting question for the communicator: can you sait it in nine words or less?

Communication is about what people hear more than what you say. The ability of one to deliver is proportionate the ability of another to receive. There is an obvious connection between the way we present information and the way other people absorb it. Great communicators throw ideas that other people can catch. The smartest person in the world useless unless he or she can effectively share their ideas. This is why we should try to say it in nine words or less.

Try it out.

What is the purpose of your organization?

What is the big idea behind your different programs?

What do you do at work?

If any of these answers cannot be articulated in nine words or less then Braddley Miller might suggest that people are not going pick up what you are putting down.

Brent ColbyComment