Shrapnel: Hubris - Review


The Solar System has been populated by the people of earth. Generations of men and women have grown up on foreign planets under the governance of the Solar Alliance. Not every planet that orbits the sun has chosen to be ruled. The people of Venus have fought for their freedom under the leadership of one Vijaya "Sam" Narayan. Nick Sagan's second installment of the Shrapnel series describes the struggle of free people against an oppressive government. This is the first graphic novel that I have ever read. There have been times where I have peeked at a comic but I have never been interested in the popular literary genre. The smash hit of Marvel's cinematic adaptations of their comics has generated a lot of interest in illustrated literature. I found this novel difficult to get into. Transitioning between the beautiful art and stylized text was a challenge. I never found myself settling into a rhythm and struggled through the book. The sci-fi context is one of my favorite and the art was amazing. The writing felt rushed and incomplete. I appreciated the art work but find it pales in comparison to the imagination of the reader.

I would not recommend reading this graphic novel. It is just not my thing. I may give the genre another try but I dont know what sort of story would compel me to do so. I like the idea of a graphic novel but still havent enjoyed the experience. You can check out Shrapnel: Hubris for yourself if you like. It is a highly respected work within the world of comics.

Brent ColbyComment