Sifted - Review


SiftedWith names like Wayne Cordeiro, Francis Chan, and Larry Osborne, Sifted promises to weigh in as a heavy hitter in the world of pastoral leadership. Sifted is a help book to guide leaders through the inevitable challenges that they will face. The book is divided into three parts including heart work, home work, and hard work. Each addresses the importance of the unique sifting process for the individual facing some type of trial. The authors view trials as an inescapable reality of leadership and as a profound opportunity for growth. The discussion romes from the personal, familial, and professional. The battle in each arena is commented on by those who have overcome and been made better for it. Cordeiro is the leading voice in the book and leans lightly on the commentary of Chan and Osborne to color the text. The book shares a lot of the same content as Cordeiro's Leading on Empty

I can recommend reading this book but I wont. Read Leading on Empty instead. It felt more original and made a deeper impact on me personally. Your response may be different but don't count on the contributions of Francis Chan and Larry Osborne to put this book over the top. They elevate the discussion, without doubt, but don't manage to surpass the original thoughts conveyed in Cordeiro's earlier work.




Brent ColbyComment