Stages of Faith - Review


I love watching my kids grow up. Every day my toddler says something new and my six month old surprises me with his emerging personality. It is fascinating to watch them grow physically and socially. But what about their spiritual growth? The process of spiritual growth is much more difficult to track. James W. Fowler's important work, Stages of Faithtracks the spiritual formation of individuals from infancy to adulthood. In six unique stages, Fowler unveils a model of formation that ranges from fantasy to universal. It is a fascinating look at the intersection between developmental psychology and theology. This is an incredibly influential piece of writing that describes a framework for spiritual formation. Fowler overlays his spiritual track with popular models of psychological development including that of Piaget and Erikson. The chapters are written with exceptional clarity and depth. The foreground to each idea is adequately set without assuming to much theological or psychological background.

I would not recommend this book for casual reading. This is an in-depth look at an in-depth topic. The appeal for such a work is as limited as it is focused. If you are digging deep into the world of spiritual formation then Fowler's work is a must read. However, this book is likely melt the mind of the the curious inquisitor. This is an important work that deserves the attention of anyone that is serious about spiritual formation as it relates to human development. 

Brent ColbyComment