Sticky Faith - Review


Stick Faith Sticky Faith is a book that describes a process of raising children that love Jesus. Authors Dr. Kara E. Powell and Dr. Chap Clark take a statistical look at the characteristics of young adults who follow Christ. Their studies reveal a series of sticky practices that parents can incorporate to build everlasting faith into their kids.  Topics such as identity, social justice, and relationships describe some of the important conversations that parents need to be having with their children. Sticky Faith serves as a guide to these conversations and offers insight into what is most important for the spiritual life of your kids.

Sticky Faith is a guide to conversations

Clark and Powell speak frankly with their audience and offer great parenting insight and advice. Their statistical approach can feel matter-of-fact but they do not neglect the many nuances behind parenting. The sticky metaphor became a bit grating and the constant drive towards sounded like a commercial for more sticky products. The overall tone of the book is helpful and the style of publication didn't obfuscate my experience.

I would recommend this book to parents. The scope of Sticky Faith leans towards older elementary aged kids. The principles are relevant to anyone who works with children but the target audience is definitely mom and dad.

Brent ColbyComment