Teaching to Change Lives - Review


Teaching to Change Lives Have you ever found yourself in front of a group of kids grasping for their attention? You have a lesson plan, an object lesson, and a worksheet but nothing seems to capture their imagination. You quit thinking of ways to make it work and conclude that these are just bad kids. I have worked with many volunteers who feel helpless in front of their class. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can connect with the most difficult of kids if we learn how to communicate more effectively. Dr. Howard Hendricks' Teaching to Change Lives is a book that describes the seven laws of effective teaching for anyone wanting to make a better connection with their class.

The seven laws define topics like the role of the educator, the necessity of being prepared, and the importance of class participation. Each section is easy to understand and approaches teaching from a very practical point of view. The book is written for those teaching in a religious setting. Sunday school, small groups, or other forms of religious education are the focus of his methods.

Hendricks approaches teaching from a very practical point of view.

I would recommend reading this book. I found it extremely motivating and encouraging. I teach students aged 5 to 21 and found his insight relevant to all classroom settings. There were several convicting points throughout the book and cause me to pause for serious reflection. This is more than what I expected to experience while reading Teaching to Save Lives. Leaders: get a copy and be sure to share it with your fellow teachers.

Brent Colby1 Comment