The Church Trap


Church Trap 2 Here is an interesting piece from Burning Man in 2013. What does it tell us about how some people perceive the church? A trap? A place where vermin are collected? Perhaps as a tool of deception and murder? These are harsh thoughts indeed but, based on the persuasion of those attending events like Burning Man, I might say they are not far off.

It is easily to be offended by expressions such as these but church leaders must not fail to recognize the insight they provide us. We must be willing to look past the insult and toward the hurt of those expressing themselves.

Leaders must not fail to recognize the insight provided by such work.

The composers this piece are expressing something they feel to be true about the church. We must pause and ask ourselves why they feel this way. And we must determine ways to help others not suffer the same offence. Yes, the gospel is offensive and this will never change. But most lasting hurt usually comes from those under the cross, not from the one who suffered on it. The methods we use to communicate our need for Christ's love can be hurtful and make people feel like a prize for the taking, or in this instance, for the trapping.

Do not be offended.

Don't be offended by such work. Be motivated to find better, more creative, ways to tell people about Jesus.

Brent ColbyComment