The End is the Beginning

This is one of my favorite pictures. I walked by this red sign for two years and it didn't move once. It wasn't nailed down and had clearly seen better days. It rested against a slab of cement marking the end of the track. This is what I saw on my walk to Pier 56.

When I was returning from the pier it looked like something totally different. It was the beginning of untold miles of track. The very first chapter of an epic laid down the Pacific Coast and beyond. Where does this track end? is there another red sign? How many paths can you take from here? Where can it go?

The end of something is also the beginning of another. You have heard this before. Help others understand how you ended up where you are at. Perhaps they can retrace your steps. Perhaps they make a few changes and end up somewhere totally different. By looking back you can tell people which way may be best for them moving forward.

Brent ColbyComment