The Importance of Becoming the Team Rebel


I am rebellious by nature. There is a part of me that does not like being pat of the main stream. It is important for me to become distinct: call it individualistic. There is a time to go against the flow. Part of my journey as a man, husband, and pastor has been learning when to push back. But there are also times where solidarity trumps singularity. 

I have learned how to become a team player. Discovering my role on a team has been one of the greatest revelations of my life. I have been blessed with great opportunities during these first thirty years of life. The best of these have come as a result of team work.  Team work opens greater influence and experiences. It creates meaningful impressions and lasting change. Team work is far greater than solo work.

But being part of a team does not mean that you lose what makes you, you. Teams do not succeed because everyone is the same. Teams succeed because they are composed of diverse and complimentary skills. You make your best contribution when you find a balance between your gifts and the interests of the team.  I am still learning what it means to bring what I have to the table for the good of the team.


Brent ColbyComment