The Last Lion: Volume 1- Review


Winston Churchill may be one of the most influential characters of the 20th Century. His influence over the United Kingdom and the events of World War were historic in their own time.  The Last Lion, Volume 1, documents the life of Winston Churchill from 1874-1932. We walk with the Churchill family from the birth of young Winston, the events of The Great War,  his tumultuous rise in politics and the unfolding of events that would push Great Brittan, and the world, to the brink of defeat.

William Manchester has mastered this great biographical narrative. At nearly 1000 pages, this first of three volume piece chronicles the life of Winston Spencer Churchill with great detail. Manchester includes a great amount of detail while moving the narrative of Winston's life ever foreword. The story of Churchill's life is painted on a fuller canvas of 19th and 20th century living. The reader is captured by the colorful world of the British upper class and politics.

I would highly recommend reading this book. I have gained much insight from the first part of Winston Churchill's life. William Manchester has done a wonderful job at telling the story of a world in transition. The epic change and drama of the time is unmatched in recent history. My only hesitation in recommending this book is that it is long and only the first part of a three part series. Casual readers beware. Those willing to take a close look at the moments that have defined our world: get ready to be moved.

Brent Colby1 Comment