The Last Lion: Volume 2, Alone - Review


William Manchester continues to chronicle the life and times of Winston Spencer Churchill between the years of 1932 - 1940 in his biography titled The Last Lion. The second volume of this grand work is subtitled Alone and describes some of the most isolated years of Churchill's political life. Having taken a stand on the topic of India's self governance, the traditional English statesmen alienated his self from public office. Nevertheless, Churchill still exercised great influence over the British political landscape. The 1930's saw the rise of the National Socialist German Worker's Party. Lead by Adolf Hitler  the Nazis quickly rose to power and invited the world to the edge of a second world war. The world would indeed engage Hitler and his axis of powers in war. Manchester describes the incredible process by which Hitler was allowed to give birth to the Third Rich of Germany. The Last Lion: Alone is an exceptional piece of literature. Manchester tells the story of the world of Churchill. Events swirl and tangle around our protagonist as the prospect of peace goes from little to none. There is a great balance between political and social commentary that often frames Winston in favorable light. Our hero is not without his weakness, however, and he is in good company amidst His Majesties Government. The history is exciting and the narrative moves quickly through a myriad of information. 

I would recommend reading this book. Start with Volume 1 and prepare for a long read. The series is nearly 1800 pages at this point with a third, and final, volume in waiting. This is an exceptional book full of insight and intrigue and I cant wait to dive in to part three.

Brent ColbyComment