The Pixar Touch - Review


the Pixar TouchI will never forget the first time I saw Toy Story. I was captured by the uncanny ability to animate with a computer. I am a PC gamer so the connection between animation, digital graphics, and story telling were known to me. The humor, concern, and empathy created by Woody and Buzz exceeded anything I had ever experienced before.  The Pixar Touch, by David A. Price, tells the story behind the scenes of one hollywoods most influential studios. Price's story begins with the evolution of breakthrough graphic technology. Geeks and non-geeks will be able to appreciate the brilliance and dedication committed to the early cause of digital animation. The development of Pixar into an award winning studio, including the tenacious efforts of Steve Jobs, occupies the majority of the book. It is a great story filled with technological break throughs, board room drama, and creative moments of genius. I didn't want to stop reading this book. Each chapter introduced a new curiosity, challenge, or step forward. The characters act and react in dynamic ways as Pixar inches ever closer to the powerhouse that it is today. I found myself cheering for the company and feeling a sense of loss with each misstep or set back along the way. Steve Jobs occupied a lot of the chapters and seemed to be painted with a fair light.

I would recommend reading this book. It was great! The story moved quickly and included a series of unexpected and intriguing events. My favorite chapters were hosted at the beginning as the science of computer animation caught up with the dreams of a plucky animation team.   The latter chapters focused on the business end of things but held my attention none the less. It was fun, exciting, and totally worth the effort!

Brent ColbyComment