The Risk of Freedom


Today is the day that Americans celebrate their independence. I have no doubt that the internet is full of quotes from leaders like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Samuel Adams. These men were visionaries and fought for something more precious than life itself: freedom. While we recognize the glorious benefits of independence, we often neglect to remember the risk of freedom.

Our founding fathers rebelled against a mother nation and did not know if they would be successful. The declared war on a world superpower and resisted a global empire. The same ships that carried goods and settlers would now carry guns and soldiers. Failure was a real possibility. They suffered great losses and journeyed through times of uncertiny. There is a risk associated with freedom.

The risk of freedom is failure.

Without a free will we do not suffer the consequences of choice. Our volition brings success and suffering, reward and ruin, purity and pollution. The truth is that it would be far safer for you to submit to the authority of another. But God made you free and you must embrace that freedom; you must risk failure.

Brent ColbyComment